Steelers officially unveil Acrisure Stadium, the name of the building for at least 15 years

The Steelers have made it official. As of today, Heinz Field is Acrisure Stadium.

Steelers president Art Rooney II made the announcement on Tuesday at a press conference. He explained that Steelers limited partner Thomas Tull helped make the deal happen.

Rooney said it’s a 15-year deal. That’s actually longer than the duration of the team’s remaining commitment to the building. That’s a sign the Steelers will be renewing — as if there was ever any doubt.

Rooney declined to divulge the economic details, but he said enough to make it clear that the deal is more in line with other naming-rights arrangements. Reportedly, the new Pittsburgh deal pays more than $10 million per year.

Chairman and CEO Greg Williams describe it as a fintech business (Google it, folks). He said the deal came together quickly between Acrisure and the Steelers.

The move already has paid off for the company. A poll conducted on our Twitter page shows that 97 percent of those who responded (more than 16,000) had never heard of the company before yesterday.

There’s still a long way to go. When we checked the Twitter page for the company on Monday, it had 715 followers. As of today, it has 1,046.

Also, Heinz isn’t completely gone. Rooney said the Steelers are talking to Heinz about an ongoing partnership. He didn’t rule out the retention of the giant ketchup bottles over the end zone scoreboard. That would be a good way to placate plenty of fans who despise the change of the stadium from something iconic and organic to something clumsy and fluorescent.